Keep Your Cats Away from Rivers and Lakes

Do you live close to a lake, pond, river or other waterway? If so, make sure your cat doesn’t tend to wander near the water especially if there is dangerous wildlife near the water (i.e. snakes or alligators in the south). Your cat could be a predators snack in a matter of seconds so it’s best to stay clear. Also, there are things in the water that could make your cat sick especially if you aren’t familiar with the water or the area. Water Hemlock can be toxic if chewed on and especially if digested. It looks a lot like Queen Anne’s Lace but it’s not. It tends to grow around the water’s edge and could get mixed in with the water if your cat gets a drink. If you are near water, have it tested for algae as some algae can also be toxic to cats. For more information, please check in with your veterinary clinic Gresham, OR.


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