How long do Rabbits Live ?

Rabbits can be a lot of fun for families and individuals. Before bringing a rabbit home, however, make sure you talk to your vet and pet store associate to find out what is involved in caring for a rabbit. One of the main things to find out is how long will a rabbit live. If you have a teenager that wants a pet rabbit, yet your teenager also plans to move away to college soon then a rabbit may not be the best option unless you are prepared to take care of it when your teen leaves. A typical lifespan for a rabbit is around 12 years or longer. This makes rabbits a long term commitment. Everything the rabbit needs will be a long term commitment. Food, water, treats and snacks, bedding, cage cleaning, and one on one time with the rabbit will be a routine occurrence for several years. Need more information? Give your veterinarian Covington GA a call.


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