Matting In Cats

Long-haired cats are very prone to matting when their hair forms knots and tangles. There are various reasons for matted hair coats in cats-- 

  • Loose hair from the undercoat can get tangled in the cat’s top coat 

  • A dirty or oily hair coat can easily entwine and form a mat. 

  • Some parts of a cat’s body are more prone to matting such as under the chest, around the cat’s collar, and between the legs. As matted hair is left unattended, the more complex it becomes; the knots tend to grow tighter, causing discomfort and even pain for cats. 

In addition to your cat’s regular self-grooming, your grooming assistance is very important to keep the cat’s hair mat- and tangle-free. Long-haired cats may need daily brushing especially during shedding season. Cats suffering from certain health issues may find it difficult to self-groom. Senior felines, cats with arthritis, and overweight or obese cats have reduced flexibility which can make it difficult to groom certain parts of their bodies. Cats with mouth problems or oral injury may also stop grooming, considering that their mouth is their primary grooming tool. 

Do make an appointment with your veterinarians Savannah, GA if you noticed that you kitty has suddenly stopped grooming.


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