Tips To Modify Aggressive Behavior In Pet Rabbits

Displays of aggressive behavior in pet rabbits are fueled by fear and  anxiety. Aggression is a learned behavior in rabbits when they are  forced to do so in certain situations. Being extra-sensitive to your  pet’s needs and body language can go a long way in building a bond of  trust and friendship between you and your bunny.  

If your  pet rabbit is prone to aggressive behavior, there are measures that you  can undertake to change it. Rabbits thrive with lots of affection and  friendliness. Positive reinforcement is very important. There is no  place for negative reinforcement as it can only fuel undesirable  behavior. Any displays of aggressive behavior should be nipped in the  bud before it can become deeply-rooted and difficult to address.  

First  things first, if you want to earn your pet rabbit’s trust, stop picking  him up. Being creatures of prey, their survival instincts kick into  high gear when they notice something big and strong hovering over them.  It’s best to have your pet take charge of the situation. Sit down on the  floor and give your pet the choice to come to you and/or climb up on  you.  

Do speak with your vet Bucks County, PA if you have any concerns about your pet’s behavior. Visit this site Animal Hospital of Richboro for additional details.


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