Tips For Choosing A Cage For Your Chinchilla

The average lifespan of chinchillas is between 15-20 years. Since they’re going to spend a lot of time in their enclosures, it should be spacious and comfortable with a healthy environment. Here are important things to remember when choosing an enclosure for your chinchilla: 

Avoid plastic cages because chins can chew their way out of their enclosure. Also, ingestion of plastic can have fatal results. It is recommended that you invest in a durable metal cage and provide chinchillas-safe chew alternatives.  

Choose a cage that does not contain any toxic chemicals. Ideal recommendations include those that are made of stainless steel, nickel, or aluminum.  

The more spacious the cage vertically and horizontally, the better. Chinchillas are hyperactive and will love to run, climb, and engage in natural behaviors.

Avoid cages with a wire floor. It can harm the sensitive paws of chinchillas and cause bumblefoot.  

Your pet chinchilla will benefit from regular health and wellness checks at your veterinary hospital Las Vegas, NV. 


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