Grooming Long-Haired Cats

Do you own a long-haired feline? If so then you may have already realized that the long-hair breed can require a lot when it comes to grooming. Long hair cats need to be brushed on a regularly basis. Once a day or at least three times a week will most often work. This is necessary because long-haired cats shed a lot. Their fur also gets matted a lot because of the length. If it’s windy outside then your cat is going to need a good brushing when he comes inside. If it’s raining and your cat is soaked then you’ll need to dry him off then brush him out to prevent tangles. Regular grooming should include bathing and trimming as well. If you can’t do this at home then you may want to consider a professional groomer. If you or your groomer notices your cat shedding extensively more than usual, please call your animal hospital London, ON.


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