Are Goats Territorial ?

Are you new to owning goats? Or, are you considering goat herding or goat keeping as your next hobby? If so then you may have a few basic questions about goats. One of the most common questions is whether or not goats are territorial. Generally, goats are not territorial. However, like all animals they can become territorial or aggressive if provoked. Goats do not usually claim their space or their pasture as their own. They aren’t known to chase off other goats or pasture companions. They generally are content to graze and browse around the pasture and even buddy up with other animals. However, if you feed other pasture animals and not the goat then he will get aggressive and pushy because he wants his share. Other than that, the main thing you’ll need to worry about is your goat’s curiosity which could lead him to a break out and a stroll to the neighbor’s. For more information on goats, give your most popular veterinary clinic Westminster MD a call.


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