Naming Your Guinea Pig

Your guinea pig may not respond to his name as a dog would but naming him is still an important task. This name will be what your family calls your pet and choosing a name is the first step in including your guinea pig as part of the family. Choose a name that is easy to say and is not embarrassing for any family members to say aloud. Don’t make the name too similar to any family member’s name including other pets. Some people choose a physical characteristic to inspire a guinea pig name such as Curly or Brownie. Favorite book, TV or movie characters or even sports figures make great names such as Potter, Spanky, Bilbo, or Brady. Even favorite pet names from your childhood make a good choice such as Cuddles IV. Whatever name you choose, use it with kindness and love toward your guinea pig. For more information, contact your experienced pet clinic Lawrenceville GA.


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