What to Do if You Can’t Afford Your Dog

Many of us go through some tough financial times at one point or another. If this is happening to you, please don’t let it affect the decision to keep your dog or not. Instead, if you’re having trouble buying food and other necessities for your dog, please call your vet and ask for help or referrals. You should also reach out to human societies, SPCAs, and shelters. Some of these places may have programs in place to assist those who are in financial distress by helping provide basic needs for the pets. If they don’t have a program then perhaps they can refer you to an organization that can help. Please reach out to your local food pantry as well. They may have a small amount of donated food for dogs. As for vet appointments, always be up front with your most pupular veterinarian Chico CA about what you can and can’t afford. Your vet may be able to provide a discount or payment play.


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