Picking Up Your Guinea Pig

You could injure your guinea pig if you handle him roughly and he could die if you drop him. Thus you need to pick him up  properly. To keep your guinea pig from wriggling away, make sure he is  comfortable with you. Talk to him or sing softly, drape your hand into  his enclosure to explore and try hand feeding him. Once  you are sure your guinea pig will cooperate with you, pick him up  assertively. Lift him with one hand under your guinea pig’s chest just  behind the front legs. Use the other hand to scoop up the rear end. Once  clear of the enclosure pull your guinea pig close to your chest and be  prepared to put him on a safe surface rather than drop him. Older  children can learn this technique but always bring your guinea pig to a  seated young child. For more information, contact your pet clinic Auburn Hills, MI. 


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