Buying a Cow

If you’re looking to buy a cow you should first talk to your vet and perhaps other local cow owners. Find out what the going price for cows are, what type of cow you would like to buy, what type of living conditions you can set up for your cow and whether you want just one cow or a whole herd of cattle. The first step is what type of cow. Do you want to raise the cow for fun or for milk or for beef? Jersey cows are the most likely choice for milk as are Belted Galloways. Highland cows (small cows), longhorns, etc. are great choices for beef cows. Next, do you want a bull or a heifer (male or female). Perhaps you should get a pair if you want to start your own herd. There’s a lot that goes into buying a cow. Talk to your vet clinic Mt. Airy MD for additional insight and advice.


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