The Afghan Hound

Are you familiar with the Afghan Hound breed? This breed is quite different from any other canine mainly in his sleek physique, slender yet sturdy build and intelligence. The Afghan Hound is often considered a luxurious pet due to his appearance, mannerisms and the regal way in which he carries himself. In fact, the hound as been referred to as the “King of Dogs” on more than one occasion. The Afghan Hound’s appearance and obedience has given the breed the opportunity to appear in several movies, television shows, and print ads. In fact, it is believed by some experts that this breed was the inspiration behind one of Picasso’s untitled works. Picasso himself owned an Afghan hound. The canine is known for it’s silky coat and tail full or ringlet curls. He is a beautiful canine. If you’d like to learn more, give your veterinarians Cameron Park, CA a call.


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