Dogs and Swollen Eyes

Does your dog’s eye appear swollen? If so, please call your vet and schedule an exam. It may be something small like a scratch to the eye or even debris in the eye but it’s better to have it checked than to let it go. A small irritation today could lead to an infection tomorrow if it’s sever enough. You can also take a closer look at the eye yourself to see if there’s anything obvious in it such as dust, an eyelash, hair, etc. Lift up his upper eyelid and roll down the lower eyelid with your thumb if your dog will let you. If you see something you may be able to flush it out with water or a solution recommended by your vet. You can also use a moist, cool cloth to place over the eye to help the swelling and pain while you wait to take your dog in to see your professional veterinarians Mesa AZ team.


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