How Clean is a Cat’s Mouth?

Has your cat ever licked you? If so then you’ve probably asked yourself if your cat’s mouth is all that clean or if your cat’s mouth is any cleaner than a dog’s. Here’s the answer. A cat keeps a clean appearance because he constantly grooms. He licks everything off and into please so the outside looks spotless, but what’s going on with the inside? Experts have found there to be over 130 disease-causing microbes in a cat’s mouth not counting what may be lurking on a cat’s teeth. Cats hunt prey, eat it, or play with it and primarily use their mouth to do so. They don’t brush after either. This is why you may have heard that you should wash your hands immediately if a cat bites you. Nearly 80% of cat bites lead to infection when not treated. Click to find out more or call your veterinary clinic Michigan City, IN. 

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