Giving Your Dog a Bath

Often you can spot clean your dog if a small area gets dirty but there are times when only a full bath will do. Gather all bath supplies in one place. Brush your dog to remove any loose hair that can become matted. Act efficiently while bathing your dog. Put your dog in the bath or basin and wet him down with lukewarm water. Lather him up with dog-safe shampoo. Don’t miss under the front legs, the groin, between the toes, and the tail. Quickly and thoroughly rinse your dog, again with lukewarm water. Use a towel to dry your dog and brush him again. Be careful not to hurt him as you brush through tangles. Talk softly to your dog to keep him calm and never punish or yell at him if he is fearful or struggles away. Keep him in the house until he is completely dry. For more information, contact your veterinarians Rockwall, TX. Or click this link:


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