Training Your Dog to Sit on Command

Training your dog to sit on command gives you a way to get him under  control quickly if needed and the training process is a good way to  facilitate bonding. Train your dog when he is alert but not overly  excited. Get down to your dog’s level and hold a food treat in front of  his nose to get his attention. Next 

raise the treat up and over  your dog’s head so he needs to lower his rear end to continue following  it. Say the SIT command and your dog’s name. Give him the treat and lots  of praise as soon as his rear end touches the floor. As you practice  and your dog becomes more reliable, extend the time between the touch  down and giving him the treat. Gradually reduce and then eliminate the  treats so your dog will obey the SIT command for your praise alone. For  more information, visit this website Pet Doctor, or contact your veterinarians Heath, TX.


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