Dog Shaving-- Is It Helpful Or Harmful?

During summer, you may have noticed pets sporting newly-shaved coats going on leash walks with their owners. Many pet owners think that shaving their dog’s hair coats during summer can help keep their pet’s cool. However, experts don’t recommend shaving a dog’s hair coat for the summer because of the following reasons:

  • A dog’s hair coat act as an insulator. The inner layer captures air and keeps the body cooler during summer. When the weather gets colder, a dog’s hair coat keeps the cold out while holding the heat in. Without the insulating action of the hair coat, a dog is susceptible to hypothermia or heat stroke during weather extremes. 
  • There are several ways that can help dogs cool down. Unlike humans who perspire a lot when it’s the weather gets very warm, dogs have only a few sweat glands that are present in their foot pads. To compensate, there is panting coupled with the dilation of the blood vessels in the ears and faces of dogs. When this happens, warm blood are brought closer to the skin surfaces where it cools off before it returns to the rest of the body during circulation. 

 Any problem involving your pet’s skin and/or hair coat should warrant an appointment with your veterinary hospital New Orleans, LA. 

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