Training Your Canine to Walk in a Harness

Teaching your dog to walk on a leash and harness is part of the basics of training and should be started at an early age for your canine or as soon as you bring your new canine home. It’s important to remember to be patient and to always be consistent. Here’s how to start. First, place the harness on your dog. Give him some time to walk around and adjust to the feel. Have him wear it every day until he is used to it. He can even sleep in it (unless he’s destructive then he may tear it into pieces). After adjusting to the harness, attach a leash to it and just walk around the house. You may have to give your dog a tug or pull to get him to walk. Practice for some time (minutes or days) and then move outdoors. Talk to your vet Bend, OR to learn more.


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