How to Make Sure Your Dog Gets a Good Night’s Sleep

It’s not just humans that can have trouble sleeping—dogs can have trouble too! Fortunately, there are things you can do to make sure your pooch gets plenty of sleep night after night.

Stick to a routine, especially as bedtime approaches. It doesn’t really matter what that routine includes, so long as you do it night after night. It could include watching a little bit of TV and taking him outside to go to the bathroom.

There are things you should avoid right before bed. Give your dog treats earlier in the day, and keep things as calm as possible. Exercise can help your dog sleep, but only if he exercises long before bed.

Give your pet his own bed and he’ll sleep more soundly than if he sleeps with you. You should also schedule an appointment with your veterinarian Oconomowoc, WI to make sure a medical condition isn’t affecting his sleep.


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