Hydrotherapy For Active Canine Breeds

Dogs that are living a highly active lifestyle, such as sporting dogs, can benefit from recreational hydotherapy for physical conditioning. Dogs that undergo regular hydrotherapy exercise have increased stamina, endurance, and strong muscles. These can significantly contribute to improved athletic performance while helping prevent against muscle strain and injuries. These benefits are the reasons why hydrotherapy is now incorporated in many athletic conditioning programs. Studies have shown that hydrotherapy can help attain desired results faster than similar exercises on land. 

Experts recommend that hydrotherapy should only be a component of a dog’s overall training program. It can help diversify an athletic dog’s regular exercise program and work out various muscle groups, just like in cross-training. If your dog is engaged in active sports, it is recommended that you work with a veterinarian Lakewood Ranch, FL who specializes in rehabilitation and sports medicine so your dog’s training regimen will be customized to his needs. Make an appointment at this link:


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