Degree Of Ear Folds In Scottish Fold Cats

There are 3 degrees of ear folds in Scottish fold cats — single, double, and triple. A single fold is characterized by only a slight fold involving the ear tips. A double-fold ear has a more prominent fold compared to a single-fold as about half of the ear is bent downward. The very tight triple fold is often sported by show quality cats. The folded ears lie flat against the cat’s head, giving the cat’s head a rounder appearance. Selective breeding through the years have resulted in Scottish folds with sharply-folded ears. To maintain the standards of the breed, breeders consistently choose Scottish folds with double and triple folds. 

Scottish folds were originally called lop-eared or lop. It was only in 1966 when the breed was formally recognized as the Scottish fold. Kittens in the litter whose ears don’t fold are called “straights”. 

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