Important Reasons For Night Pacing Of Dogs

Most  dogs tend to sleep most of the night away, however, some dogs suddenly  engage in pacing and whining at night. Here are potential reasons for  the behavior: 


A dog that is pain may  pace around and whine. Finding out the underlying cause is important so  appropriate medical intervention can be given.  Dogs that are in pain  also engages in the behavior not only during nighttime but also during  the day. It may be accompanied by other symptoms like limping or vomiting.  


Dogs  with anxiety disorders may engage in night pacing coupled with other  signs associated with anxiety, such as destructive chewing, licking  themselves, and other displays of undesirable behavior. The behavior can also be manifested even during daytime.  

Cognitive disorder 

This  is primarily an age-related condition caused by changes in the physical  and physiological functions of the brain that affect the dog’s sleep  cycle. Affected pets tend to get confuse daytime and nighttime.  

If you notice your pet dog suddenly pacing at night or at anytime of the day, call your vet hospital Sarasota, FL right away.  


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