Do Cats Have Fewer Joint Problems Than Dogs?

Experts  believe that cats are tougher than dogs when it comes to tolerating  uncomfortable and painful situations. This is probably one  reason that although x-ray results showed similar degenerative changes  in cats and dogs, only dogs manifested lameness. Also, cats are  lightweight, which means there is less pressure on the weight-supporting  joints of the body during movement. On the other hand, a dog suffering from joint problems tends to be heavier than a cat.  

When  it comes to flexibility, cats are superior to dogs. This can help them  deal with musculoskeletal problems. One common example is the hip joints  of dogs and cats. In cats, their  hip joints are less tightly seated compared to dogs. This makes dogs  more prone to his dysplasia than cats. Although cats are not exempted  from developing the problem, diagnosis is more challenging because of  their stoic personality.  

Make an appointment with your animal hospital Lakewood Ranch, FL if you notice symptoms of joint problems exhibited by your pet. 


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