Approaching a Stray Cat

Here are some tips on what to do if a stray or lost cat approaches you or if you find yourself crossing paths with a stray or lost cat. If the cat approaches you, stay still and allow him to walk around you. Do not engage with the cat unless the cat initiates or invites it. If the cat hisses, snarls, or swats with his paw then it’s a warning to stay away. A cat that lies at your feet and is generally relaxed, meowing and purring may allow you to approach or bend down to pet him. If this happens, try to get close enough to see if the cat is wearing a collar with ID. If you can read the ID, contact the number listed to notify owners of the cat’s location. If you can’t find an ID then (if the cat allows) pick up the cat and take him to your vets Litchfield Park, AZ to see if a microchip can be scanned. To learn more, visit this website Dreaming Summit Animal Hospital.


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