Cats and FeLV

Casts may face different illnesses over the course of their lifetime. One of the more dangerous yet too common illnesses is the FeLV virus also known as the Feline Leukemia Virus. This illness can often be prevented with routine testing and vaccinations. However, not all cats are vaccinated which can make them susceptible to all kinds of illnesses. Cats that test FeLV positive should be kept away from other cats to reduce their chances of picking up any illnesses. Why? An FeLV cat’s immune system is often suppressed making him vulnerable to all kinds of sicknesses. Keeping your cat isolated from other cats and keeping your cat indoors can help protect him from getting sick. FeLV can also cause anemia and lymphoma (cancer). Make sure your FeLV positive cat sees his vet Aurora CO, Aspen Commons Animal Hospital regularly to maintain his health and prevent additional illnesses.


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