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Interesting Facts about the Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese bobtail is full of all kinds of surprises. From his love of people and love for sports and competitions, this is an all around favorite pet cat. The bobtail originated in Japan and came to the U.S. in the 1960s. He comes in shorthair and longhair. He is most known for his bobbed tail and his unique almond shaped blue eyes. The bobtail is also known for his people loving personality. He wants to be the center of attention and loves to be included in all conversations. The bobtail’s sing song voice is soft and pleasing to the air. He will follow his family around whether it’s indoors reading a book or outdoors playing a game. This little guy is full of personality. He’s cute, loving, playful and generally happy all of the time. The bobtail gets along very well with children and other pets. Talk with your veterinary clinic Fort Collins, CO for more interesting facts.


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