What is Urine Scald in Hamsters?

Talk to your veterinarian before committing to a hamster. It’s important to know ahead of time what is involved in the care of a hamster and whether or not you’d be able to handle it. If you can provide food, bedding, and occasional vet trips then you’re on a good path to hamster ownership. Some things you should know about is the importance of keeping the cage clean. Your hamster will need to have clean bedding once a week. On a daily basis, you should pick out the wet spots and refresh them with dry bedding. If your hamster doesn’t get dry bedding then he may lay in his own urine. His fur could soak up the urine in which case the urine will be close to his skin. This can create a burning sensation and irritation which is known as urine scald. If this does happen to your hamster, please call your animal hospital San Antonio, TX right away so treatment can be given.  More tips can be found at your North Star Animal Hospital (revamp).


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