Ways to Treat Conjunctivitis in Dogs

Did you know that dogs can develop conjunctivitis or pink eye? Just like people, dogs can develop this irritating, painful, and extremely itchy eye condition. It often develops due to allergens in the air or even as a result of a cold, sore throat, or upper respiratory infections. Symptoms may include a droopy eye, pink eye, watery or weepy eye or even the inability of the dog to open the eye. If you see any of these in your dog, call your vet immediately. Conjunctivitis can be bacterial, viral or simply an allergic reaction. Your vet will need to examine your dog to determine the type your dog has. Treatment may include a flushing of the eye with vet approved cleanser or lukewarm water, applying a cold compress to reduce swelling, steroid drops or anti-steroid drops, antibiotic ointments, or artificial tears. Your local vets San Antonio TX may tell you that recovery time is around three weeks.


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