Neat Facts About the Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau was once worshipped as a god by the early Egyptians. In fact, his name in ancient Egyptian means ‘sun’ so he may have been worshipped as a sun god. This exotic cat has roots tracing back all the way to the time of the Pharaohs. Paintings and manuscripts often depict the cat as casually strolling around the temple grounds and palace areas as if he was the ruler himself. Oddly enough, today’s Egyptian Mau has a different story. DNA research has found traces of Mau’s ancestry including European and North American traits. No matter the true origins, the cat has a regal and exotic look. His body is slender yet muscular. He look is exotic as well with his naturally occurring spotted coat and his cheetah like gate. He even has a loose flap of skin running along the flank and hind legs giving him super agility and speed like the cheetah. Click here to learn more or call your veterinary clinic Aurora, CO.


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