Fatty Liver and Kidney Syndrome in Chickens

Did you know that fatty liver and kidney syndrome are two common illnesses or health conditions that affect chickens? Specific illnesses include Fatty Liver Hemorrhagic Syndrome (FLHS) as well as Fatty Liver and Kidney Syndrome (FLKS). Your vet can tell you that FLHS can affect chickens of all ages, but FLKS is mostly seen in young chickens or young adult chickens. Your vet can also tell you that you can help prevent the illnesses from even happening by ensuring that you are feeding your chicken a diet rich in biotin, which is a water soluble B vitamin. If your concerned about your chickens health, look particularly for symptoms like obesity, pale comb, egg laying is slow or has stopped, fluffed appearance, lethargy, sitting in one place without moving, and excess abdominal fat. Call your vet hospital Wichita, KS right away if your chicken or chickens have any of these symptoms.


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