The Wet Nose of a Cat

Did you know that a cat’s nose can tell you about the cat’s overall health and wellness? Cats tend to have a cool, wet or damp nose most of the time. A cat with a dry nose may be ill or coming down with something. If your cat’s nose is dry, take a look at other areas of your cat’s behavior and habits. If your cat’s nose is dry, but your cat is eating well and acting normal and happy then it may not mean anything. Remember, not all cats will wet noses and not all will have dry noses. In fact, your vet may tell you that a cat’s nose may go from wet to dry to wet again several time throughout the day. Some cats will have a dry nose after grooming. Some cats will have a wet nose if they’re dehydrated. It’s best to understand what’s normal for your cat so you can alert your veterinarian Lewisville, TX when things are off. For more information, visit their homepage.


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