Helping your dog stay out of trouble

Your  canine companion is a big part of your daily life and you want to make  sure each and every day is fun for her. However, in an effort to find  ways to entertain herself, there is a good chance that she will try to  get into something she shouldn’t. How can you help her stay out of trouble? 

Your  dog needs you to be aware of her surroundings and to take the time to  remove hazards from them whenever you can. This will also mean taking  the time to figure out what you can do to deter her from unnecessary  risks. Be sure to supervise her regularly and to offer her plenty of  safe ways to enjoy her time, as this will allow her to not only have  some fun, but also keep herself out of harm’s way. Your local veterinary clinic Murrieta, CA can help you care for your pet. Learn more here


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