Does Your Cat Have Bad Breath ?

Bad breath is not something people like to talk about. It’s not something pet owners like to talk about in regards to their pets either. But, let’s face it, our feline friends can sometimes have extremely bad breath. You may have tried to combat it with a change in food, mouth spray for cats, or added supplements to the diet. If it’s not working and the bad breath is getting worse then it may be time to see your veterinarian. Bad breath is common in cats. Extremely bad breath that won’t go away, however, can signal early signs of periodontal disease like gingivitis. In fact, the medial term for bad breath is halitosis. Your veterinary clinic Lewisville, TX may need to conduct a dental exam to find out if your cat has severe build up of plaque and tartar or if there is an infected tooth in your cat’s mouth. To know more, visit


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