Do Cats Sweat?

Yes, they do. They have sweat glands, most of which, are located on their paw pads. Thus, you may have noticed damp footprints on surfaces where your pet walked on especially during days when it’s hot and humid. But these sweat glands are not enough to release the body heat of cats. The fur-covered skin doesn’t help either. Licking their hair coats distributes saliva all over their body. When saliva evaporates, it creates a cooling effect on the cat’s body. To help prevent heat stress, you may find your kitty resting under the shade of a tree, laying on cool surfaces with his body spread out, and also they don’t move around as much. Still another way to release body heat is by panting. But when a cat pants, it shows that the animal is in a state of extreme heat stress. If you see your cat panting, wet your pet’s fur with cool water, move him to a cooler place, and call your animal hospital Frisco, TX immediately. Read more here.


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