Why You Should Wash Your Cat’s Feet After a Walk in the Snow

Did you know that it’s a good idea to wash your cat’s feet after he comes in from a walk outdoors in the snow? Throughout the snow season (or when there’s snow on the ground), it’s a good idea to check your cat’s feet and wipe them down often. Snow can build up on the paw pads and paws as well as around the nails which can cause discomfort for some cats. In addition, there could be salt or de-icer on the ground. If your cat walks in it a lot it can build up on the paw pads and paws and cause blistering or burning due to the chemicals in those products. You can simply wash your cat’s feet in warm water, wipe the feet with a warm wash cloth, or use a pet bath wipe to wipe the paws. Click to contact your veterinary clinic fort Collins CO for additional tips.


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