Pros And Cons Of Non-Clumping Cat Litter

The non-clumping type of cat litter is a popular choice for many cat owners and cat shelters because, aside from being the most affordable, it is the easiest to use compared to other types of cat litter. Cat parents who want to contribute their share to the green movement also choose to use non-clumping cat litter for their furball’s litter box because it contains more natural ingredients. Here are some pros and cons of non-clumping cat litter--


  • Non-clumping litters are made of natural-occurring materials with excellent absorbent properties. When wet, it does not form any clumps, but the urine gets absorbed by the material. This means, there is no risk or blockages. 
  • It’s a little bit cheaper than other litter types because it has less ingredients. 


  • Cat poop has to be removed on a regular basis, once or twice a day to keep the litter box free of any odors. 
  • Since there is no clumping, the litter gets saturated faster. 

Since litter box evasion can be caused by underlying health issues, it is recommended that you make an appointment with your animal hospital Pasadena, MD so your cat can undergo a thorough medical checkup.


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