A Dog’s Dew Claw

Are you familiar with a dog’s dew claw? The dew claw is like a toenail that grows on the inside of the dog’s leg. Not all dogs have dew claws. Those that dew often have them on the front legs only. Some dogs, however, do have dew claws on all four legs. If you take your dog to the groomer for nail trims, make sure to tell them if your dog has dew claws on all four legs as they may not notice. Dew claws, especially, need to be trimmed regularly to avoid the nail curving back into the leg. A dew claw growing back into the leg can cause serious damage to the leg not to mention a lot of pain for your dog. So what’s the purpose of this side nail? It’s basically the ‘thumb’ for dogs. The claw can be used to hold onto things. You can learn more by clicking here or visiting your veterinary clinic Tampa FL.


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