What your canine companion needs to rest peacefully

You have a dog in your life who needs to be able to rest when she gets tired. What should you offer her to help her relax? 

Your pet needs to be able to sleep on a regular basis and this will likely take place during a few different naps each day.  She will need to do this in a comfortable place where she can make the  most of her time spent relaxing. Be sure to give her a spot to call her  own in your living space so she can count on it being available to her  when she gets tired. This should be near where your family spends time,  but off to the side so she can rest without interruptions. Be sure to  offer her comfortable bed to nap in and take the time to help her feel  both safe and secure in this area. Your local vet clinic Portland, OR can offer additional guidance. Click this website Wildwood Animal Hospital and set an appointment.


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