Why Do Cats Fight?

Cats are natural hunters, and even with domestication, they still  possess a streak of aggressiveness. Having sharp claws and needle-sharp  teeth don’t help either.  

Cats possess strong territorial  behavior. They are always on the lookout for anything that may threaten  their territory and won’t hesitate to defend their turf from perceived  threats.  

Another factor that fuels aggressive behavior  in cats is poor socialization. Socialization is a very important part of  the social development of cats and should start as early as possible. A  kitten that is not exposed to other cats will likely display aggressive  behavior when they grow older.  

Aggressive behavior are  often manifested when a new cat is bullied, when there is not enough  food or resources in multi-cat households, during mating season when  toms fight for the attention of the female cat that is in heat, male and  female cats fighting with each other during the mating season, and  maternal aggression when a mother cat is very protective of her litter.   

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