Prepping Your American Shorthair for a Cat Show

If you’re new to the world of showing, make sure you check out the CFA or Cat Fanciers’ Association website and register with the organization. This gives you access to CFA sanctioned shows as well as a lot of prep information and instructions for yourself and your cat when it comes to showing. You can also talk with fellow cat owners who are also showing. CFA competitors are a great resource and often have message boards and group emails online. Some basic prep for shows is to ensure your cat has a show approved cage. The cage will need to be clean and decorated appropriately with show curtains, etc. for the show. These guidelines can be found through CFA literature. Before show day itself, be sure to have your cat bathed, groomed, and ready to be judged closely. Need grooming tips? Call your veterinarians Bend, OR for assistance.


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