Care Tips For Saluki Dogs

The Saluki is considered as one of the oldest breeds of dogs in the world. In the past, they worked as hunting hounds of royalty. Today, they retain their fast and agile sprinting skills while being gentle and loyal pets. Saluki dogs will thrive with lots of opportunities for physical and mental stimulation derived from daily exercise and walks. Without regular physical activity and stimulation, these dogs can become bored and become prone to developing undesirable behavior such as becoming destructive or escaping. They make ideal canine buddies for persons with active lifestyles. If you have a saluki, having a large fenced-in yard is recommended for your pet’s safety. Being strongly independent, saluki dogs can be a challenge to train. But with tons of patience, persistence, consistency, and positive reinforcement, the desired results can eventually be achieved. 

Your pet will benefit from regular wellness checks and dental visits at your animal hospital Washington DC.


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