Heartworms in Cats

Heartworm disease is a dangerous disease that can be found in cats along with other animals including dogs and ferrets. The best way to protect your cat against heartworm disease is to have your cat on a monthly prevention medication. You will need to set up a visit with your vet and have your cat tested for heartworms before you can place your cat on the monthly prevention medication. Heartworms are transmitted into cats most often through mosquitoes. The worms can build up in the blood stream causing a lack of blood flow to vital organs. They can also cause diseases such as HARD otherwise known as heartworm associated respiratory disease. Unlike dogs, cats rarely show signs of heartworm disease until it is too late. In addition, heartworm treatment in cats is not as effective as treatment in dogs. Ask your veterinary clinic Cincinnati, OH for more details. Visit their site for additional advice.


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