Catnip and Your Cat

Catnip is a natural herb that may cause your cat to jump around with joy and play like crazy. However, only about half of all cats will react to catnip at all. If your cat is one of the lucky ones, you are in for a treat. If your cat doesn’t react on first exposure, try again in a few months. Your cat will experience the effects of catnip while sniffing it so it isn’t necessary that she nibbles on it. Put catnip in toys or blankets that she can roll in to get her started. The effects of catnip will last for about 20 minutes at a time so take it away after that time. After about an hour break you can give the catnip back to your cat for more fun. Keep the catnip in a sealed bag to keep it fresh and freeze it for long-term storage. For more information, contact your vets Auburn Hills MI.


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