Tips To Help Ensure Successful Treatment Of Diabetes In Dogs

Most cases of diabetes in dogs do well with regular insulin injections given at home. Insulin should be administered at the same time every day to keep blood sugar levels stable. The dog should be fed  regular meals to ensure that the increase amount of available nutrients in the blood coincide with peak levels of insulin. Your veterinarian will help you create your pet’s feeding schedule in order to achieve this. This will reduce the chance of the dog’s blood sugar levels swinging too high or too low. Veterinarians always stress the importance of not feeding high-sugar treats to diabetic dogs. You will also be taught by your veterinarian to perform blood glucose checks for regular monitoring. Be sure to follow the schedule set up by your veterinarian for checking your pet’s blood sugar.  

If you have any questions and/or concerns about your pet’s condition, do call your vet clinic Hyattsville, MD immediately. 

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