What Is Pet Hospice Care?

Pet hospice care or palliative care is one option that veterinarians may recommend for pets with terminal illness and there is no cure. The ultimate aim of hospice care is to make a pet’s final days on earth more pleasant and comfortable with proper pain management using medications, diet management, and interaction with humans. The philosophy behind pet hospice is the belief that death is a part of life and dying can be dignified. When you are considering hospice care for your pet, always remember that it is inhumane to prolong the suffering of pets that are in constant pain and/or having a poor quality of life.

Hospice care will require your commitment and constant supervision. Your best vets Hyattsville, MD will show you how to provide intensive home care for your pet to keep him as comfortable as possible. Working with your veterinarian can help ensure that your pet’s life will end comfortably.


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