Do Cats See Well at Night?

Cat burglars aren’t called cat burglars for nothing. Cats can see very well at night. Burglars that operate at night or in the dark are often called cat burglars because they are able to move around with ease even in the darkness. This is a popular trait in cats. While canines can see five times better in the dark than people, cats can see six times better in the dark than people. How? A cat’s retina is built differently in that the layer of tissue at the back of the eye that contains photoreceptors known as cones and rods is different. This gives cats a higher concentration of rod receptors and lower concentration of cone receptors, which in turn allows cats to see more light at night. It does have it’s downfall though. While cats can see things in a lighter viewpoint they see less color. Want to learn more? Give your veterinary clinic Webster, NY a call.


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