Cats and Milk

Cats and milk were once thought to go together like babies and milk, but that’s not the case in most circumstances. Contrary to what many believe, cats shouldn’t have milk at all. Why? Turns out, a cat’s digestive system isn’t made to digest lactose. The enzymes needed to digest lactose which is in dairy products are not present or are present  and small numbers. As kittens, the enzyme count is much higher enabling  kittens to handle lactose with little to no problems. Giving kittens  milk as directed by a veterinarian works, but giving an adult cat milk could cause illness. Signs that your cat has had lactose include  diarrhea and vomiting anywhere within the first 8 to 12 hours of having  milk. If you’ve mistakenly given your cat milk and she shows signs of  stomach trouble, please call your veterinary clinic Rochester, NY right away for an exam.

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