How to Treat Your Cat's Minor Injuries

Does your cat like to squeeze into small spaces in an effort to find  it’s pray, explore, or just play around? If so then you’ve probably seen  your fair share of small or minor cuts and scrapes on your cat due to  these small, tight spaces being a little too tight for your cat. No  worries. If it’s a small cut or injury then you can treat it on your own  or call your vet on the phone and treat your cat with instructions from  your vet via the phone. The first step to taking care of a minor cut or  injury is to stop any bleeding even if it’s a little. Simply dab  the area with a damp cloth. Apply a little pressure if necessary to  stop the bleeding. Wash the area with a vet approved cleaner and then apply vet approved topical anti-bacterial ointment. For more tips, talk to your veterinary clinic Rochester, NY


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