Does My Guinea Pig Look Fat?

Guinea pigs can be naturally plump looking pets simply because they have a lot of fur and they are larger than gerbils and hamsters; therefore, giving them a larger than life appearance. Guinea pigs should weigh between 2 and 4 pounds depending on the breed. It’s important to make sure you feed your guinea pig based on your vet’s recommendation in order to maintain a healthy weight. Guinea pigs generally eat around 1/8 cup of pellet food each day along with fresh hay throughout the day and perhaps a few veggies for snack. If you think your guinea pig is gaining weight, talk to your vet and schedule a checkup. You can always cut back on food but you should make sure this is necessary first. Cutting back on treats or snacks is usually the first step and all that’s needed for weight loss. Learn more here or call your veterinary clinic Cameron Park CA for more information.


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