Epilepsy in Dogs

Did you know that epilepsy is a brain disorder that can affect dogs of all kinds of breeds, ages and sex? If your dog is showing signs of seizures such as uncontrolled convulsions, shakes, or odd behavior, please call your vet and schedule an exam. Your dog could be ill or he could be having epileptic episodes. Some veterinarians have found that seizures are, in essence, spasms or episodes that happen with the brain is firing off a series of uncoordinated neurons. Something is causing the miscommunication and therefore causing the seizures. This could be from food, toxins or poisons, genetic history, or symptoms of a more underlying illness. Dogs that have epilepsy may suffer from bouts of miscommunications in the brains resulting in convulsions, fits or seizures. If your dog has a seizure, make sure he’s not in danger of hitting something or someone. It’s important to have your pet clinic Dallas, GA exam your dog and find treatment options right away.


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